Why Consider a Transactional Peer-To-Peer Vacation Rental Website?

When an owner decides to start renting their property as a vacation rental, they are now a “full time marketer” and will continually be searching for their next guest rental. The more exposure the property has, the greater the chance of increased bookings. The subscription-based rental websites like HomeAway and VRBO make sense because of the large amount of traffic they receive, although the listing will be competing with many others in the same geographic area. Contact is made via a publicly displayed phone number or by completing a message form.

Transactional peer-to-peer websites on the other hand, are free to list. Registration is required prior to using the service, but this helps to eliminate the random emails and phone calls you may receive from lower quality leads. Most hosts agree that not publicly displaying their contact information, adds a level of security and helps with higher quality leads ultimately leading to more bookings per inquires.

Guests like the ease of use in which they can pay for their accommodation online while also vetting the host with reviews from prior guests, detailed property descriptions and property photos. In turn, hosts can view a potential guest’s profile page and request more information prior to accepting a reservation.

Our service, CrashMyPad offers its host’s a hotel like online reservation system and allows you to create:

  • Daily rate
  • Weekly rate
  • Monthly rate
  • Seasonal rates
  • Special rates
  • Minimum stay
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Max occupancy
  • Standard occupancy
  • Additional charge per guest over the standard occupancy
  • Collect cleaning fee
  • Collect deposit
  • SMS texting of inquires
  • Cancellation policies

These features enable the host to manage their properties with pinpoint accuracy, which in turn helps to maximize their revenue per booking. Many hosts trying our site for the first time, have realized a significant amount of extra income by using the service.

If you’re serious about increasing your bookings/revenue this year, go ahead and give us a try, It’s Free!