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Here's a few of our members sharing their experience using CrashMyPad.

CrashMyPad Host and Guest

Martha - Host > Point Reyes, CA - 04/04/2012 I have been using CrashMyPad for about 6 months and they have connected me with travelers that I would not have been able to reach on my own. Being an artist takes up most of my time so having my B&B business handled smoothly by crashmypad.com has been welcomed. In addition, not having to pay any fees to become a member made it appealing and comfortable for me to join and give them a try. It has been a great experience listing my cottage on CrashMyPad!

Joe - Host > Austin, TX - 03/31/2012 I'm a property manager for vacation homes in Austin, Texas and have been a member of CrashMyPad since December 2011. I must say, at first glance it was a refreshing change to see a dynamic social interface between host's and traveler's as opposed to the older static websites I had become accustomed to. If you're a traveler or a host you'll love the user friendly experience of CrashMyPad, everything from listing a property to accepting a reservation is designed for the user and virtually eliminates the need for assistance. This company has done a great job at keeping it simple yet innovative. As a host, my personal favorite feature on the site is the ability to customize the cancellation policy for your listings, this is especially helpful for special events. The feedback I've received from travelers supports my enthusiasm about the usefulness and functionality of the site. From a traveler's point of view, my customers have commented that they like the easy payment options, the detailed property descriptions, exceptional customer service and especially the fact that it only takes three clicks to book a reservation. In my humble opinion, CrashMyPad sets the standard for a successful vacation rental marketing site.

Ryan - Host > San Francisco, CA - 03/28/2012 I've been using CrashMyPad for the past 9 months and the service has always been excellent. The site is easy to use with many useful features that help to book more reservations. The customer support is top notch and the staff is always there to answer any questions I may have. The ability to adjust your pricing for daily, weekly and monthly rates along with creating both seasonal rates and promotional codes gives me the flexibility I need. Having used other vacation rental websites, crashmypad's is well thought out and intuitive. If your considering listing your place, I would highly recommend CrashMyPad. Cheers, Ryan