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How to be an Awesome Host

So you want to start renting your extra space or entire home on CrashMyPad. Here's our recommendation on how to create a great listing and be an awesome host.

Step 1 - Listing your Pad

First of all, you need to submit your pad on CrashMyPad, and describe it as best you can. Members are going to decide if they want to rent your place based on how you present your property. Nice pictures along with a detailed description, amenities, features, and map location will help to entice members to ask questions. Once you submit your pad, CrashMyPad will review it and have it listed as soon as possible.

Once listed, you will further be able to fine tune your ad, including adding blackout dates to your calendar. In addition you will also be able to add your check-in, check-out times, house policies, describe your pictures, add a security deposit and cleaning fees, if desired.

Step 2 - Confirming your Reservation

Once you receive an inquiry, our recommendation is to answer in a prompt manner and give a detailed reply that answers all the questions. We also recommend signing up for the sms text messaging feature that will text you each time an email or reservation takes place.

Once a reservation request is made, you have 48 hours to either confirm or deny the request. Once confirmed, we will provide contact information for both host and guest and you are now able to take the conversation offline, if desired.

Step 3 - Your Reservation is Confirmed, What Next?

This is where as a host, you can shine and provide excellent customer service. You will now need to coordinate the exchange of keys if necessary and communicate any additional information. We also recommend providing a contact number during the guests stay, just in case they have any additional questions.