Is the SF Short-Term Residential Rental Ordinance Good for the Community?

In our opinion, this ordinance is a win-win for both the City of San Francisco and the citizens who call this place home. With the ever increasing cost of living, most people need a way to generate an extra income and a spare room or home is the perfect solution.

Hotels have had a monopoly on lodging forever, but now everyday citizens can earn an extra income which helps to pay their mortgage, rent and property taxes. Short-term rentals because of their lower costs also enable travelers to spend more on dining and small business which helps to share revenue across the local economy.

In the past if you were to visit San Francisco, you would have to pay a steep price for hotel accommodations, and there were no legal short-term rental options available. With the recent legalization, travelers will now have a choice of staying in one of the many diverse neighborhoods and experiencing what it’s like to be a San Franciscan!

CrashMyPad is now collecting a hotel tax for San Francisco as part of a pilot program. If you’re currently a host listed on airbnb, homeaway, vrbo or flipkey, once you submit your property on CrashMyPad, all you need to do is display your short-term residential rental registration number. We also auto sync our calendar with all these platforms, so your calendar will always be up-to-date.

End of Year Update

As 2012 comes to a close, CrashMyPad would like to thank you for being a member.

Our site was launched in May 2011, and as most of you know we were recognized as a PCMag top 100 website last year. This set the bar high for 2012 but with lots of hard work and luck we’ve been able to continue growing our member base in addition to improving the user experience.

My partner and I had a dream to build an incredible company and to encourage change in the travel industry. Our mission was to build a website where members could showcase their community, thus unlocking the doors to unique accommodations, local knowledge, and memorable experiences all over the world. We believe we’re heading in the right direction and our target for the coming year is to continue positioning CrashMyPad as part of a new era in travel.

We view you “our members” as part of an extended family either as an owner of an accommodations rental business or a guest experiencing a new way to travel. Our success is defined by you recognizing value in our service. We realize this is an ongoing effort and we’ll continue to push towards this goal.

CrashMyPad – Founders Reflect on the Past and Push Forward

It wasn’t long ago that John Dale and Dave Evans were deep in the trenches developing their site  and wondering if they would ever launch.  They had worked together in 96 when they designed and developed a desktop based customer management system.  It was right when the internet was taking off; they purchased a Compaq Prosignia loaded with Novell NetWare, networked the PC’s and marveled at the accomplishment.   They had also integrated a Thomas Brothers GeoFinder mapping program allowing them to pinpoint customer locations (an early mashup) displayed on the screen throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  This experience taught them how to take an idea from concept to completion, but more importantly it proved they had the right DNA.

Prior to starting CrashMyPad, John had purchased a report about the Vacation Rental Marketplace and how the market as a whole was changing.  “It was a real eye opener,” said John.  What he read made him realize there was an opportunity, so while back in school earning a certificate in internet programming; he reached out to share his vision with co-founder Dave Evans about what the future of accommodation rental marketplace might be.

They discussed developing either a subscription or transaction based website with a social networking feel to it.  With careful consideration, they decided on the transaction based model mainly because market demand was trending towards an end-to-end solution where travelers can book and pay for their accommodations online.   What travelers were most comfortable about was having CrashMyPad handle the payment process including the deposit and cleaning fee (if required).

Having worked on the site part-time during 2010 and with little to show for it, John decided that either they were going to go all in or they would shelve the project.  They both agreed they had come too far and needed to finish the site. Having set a launch date of May 1st, 2011, the target seemed almost impossible but they both kept pushing on.  Somehow they made the deadline and soft launched while working on facebook integration and improving the site.  The official launch date was August 1, 2011, with their first transaction in September. Being honored as one of the Top 100 Websites of 2011 by PCMag was a great way to end the year!

Currently the site has started to attract more members and listings.  “It’s a balancing act building a marketplace on both sides” stated John.  “The initial response from members has been positive and they find the site easy to use with many useful features.  Because the site is free to join, it’s a no-brainer to list your accommodation and start responding to inquires from members.  The interesting twist is that CrashMyPad allows you to not only list an entire home/apt, but also a private room or even a shared room. The ability to promote this type of space effectively in the past wasn’t possible, so it’s now opened up an entirely new option for travelers.”

Their vision is to have accommodations in every country and to enable members to travel worldwide using their service and spreading the ” CrashMyPad Way”.  They see the peer-to-peer accommodation marketplace as the future of how the world will travel. “When you can travel like a local, you get a sense of what it would be like to live in unique neighborhoods throughout the world, and that experience is priceless”.

PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites of 2011

At the end of each year, PC Magazine creates a list of their Top 100 Websites. This year (our first year in business, no less), we have been honored as one of the Top 100 Websites of 2011!

We are very excited about this and look forward to an amazing 2012.

CrashMyPad takes a vested interest in each of our listings to help hosts maximize their private accommodations business.  It’s the extra, personal touch that we provide that separates the experience from other sites where you might get lost among the tens of thousands of listings.

If you’re looking for a great place to list your private vacation property, extra spare room or just a place to crash, then CrashMyPad is your partner.

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