Is the SF Short-Term Residential Rental Ordinance Good for the Community?

In our opinion, this ordinance is a win-win for both the City of San Francisco and the citizens who call this place home. With the ever increasing cost of living, most people need a way to generate an extra income and a spare room or home is the perfect solution.

Hotels have had a monopoly on lodging forever, but now everyday citizens can earn an extra income which helps to pay their mortgage, rent and property taxes. Short-term rentals because of their lower costs also enable travelers to spend more on dining and small business which helps to share revenue across the local economy.

In the past if you were to visit San Francisco, you would have to pay a steep price for hotel accommodations, and there were no legal short-term rental options available. With the recent legalization, travelers will now have a choice of staying in one of the many diverse neighborhoods and experiencing what it’s like to be a San Franciscan!

CrashMyPad is now collecting a hotel tax for San Francisco as part of a pilot program. If you’re currently a host listed on airbnb, homeaway, vrbo or flipkey, once you submit your property on CrashMyPad, all you need to do is display your short-term residential rental registration number. We also auto sync our calendar with all these platforms, so your calendar will always be up-to-date.