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General Information
How to Manage Your Listings
How to Handle a Reservation Request
Reservation Request Is Confirmed
Handling Your Payment
Cancellation Policy
Reviews and Recommendations

General Information

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How do I submit a property on CrashMyPad?

Once you join CrashMyPad, you will be able to submit a property by clicking the Submit your pad button at the top of the page. From here, fill out all the information as required and then upload your photos. That's it!. We will review your property and have it listed on CrashMyPad soon.

What types of properties can be found on CrashMyPad?

Some types are residential, vacation homes, private rooms, condoominiums, apartments, townhouses, etc.

Are your properties only in the United States?

No. We allow properties to be listed worldwide.

Who handles finding my location on a map?

When you submit your property, fill in the address and the mapping program will find your location. If you have a problem locating your property, please contact us.

How much should I charge for my place?

That's a tough question, but look around and see what other like properties are priced at.

How can I be listed at the top of the search results?

The more reviews and bookings that your property has, the higher you will be in the search results.

Tips on creating your listing?

1. Provide quality images for your property. Make sure to Showcase both your interior and your exterior photos. Potential guests will look at your primary photo and, if that interests them, they will click on your property page. You are trying to showcase your property as best as you can; so the more pictures, the better.

2. Ensure that your headline, title, and description accurately describe the best features of your property. Use descriptive words to describe your amenities and features to get the attention of potential guests. List any locations nearby that might be of interest to guests.

3. Fill out your member profile as much as possible. Upload your avatar. Get involved with the CrashMyPad community!

How can I promote my listing?

CrashMyPad uses Facebook Connect; so you get more exposure by logging in with Facebook. You can also select the Like button on your pads page to promote to Facebook friends.

Why is there no ability to email or call a potential guest before booking?

CrashMyPad is a private marketplace. No outside communications is allowed until a reservation request is confirmed . We collect payment, which protects both parties. Once the guest checks in, 24 hours later, we will transfer the money to you.

How do I setup my SMS message phone number?

Once you log in, you will automatically go to My Start Page. From here, select My Settings and then Contact Info. At the bottom of the page, select Edit from the Text(SMS) Messages Box. Once you input your number and save it, a test SMS message will be sent to your phone. If you decide not to sign up for SMS, check the Opt-out Box and save changes. If you have signed up, when there is a response to a question, or a reservation request is made by a potential guest, an SMS message will be sent to you.

How to Manage Your Listings

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How do I update my listings?

One of two ways. You can either go to your Pads Page and click the Edit Property button (if you are logged in) or go to My Pads and locate the pad that you want to edit. From here, you can click on the middle icon to the right which is the edit link. You will then be able to edit/update your listing, including Info, Details, Rooms, Media, Map, Calendar and Rates.

How do I remove my listing from CrashMyPad?

On the Edit-Property page, you can select General . From here, you will be able to either show or hide your property.

How to Handle a Reservation Request

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I have received an email that a reservation request was made. What is the next step?

You log in and click on Owner/Host located on the My Start Page, Member Tools. From here, you will see Unconfirmed Pad Rental Requests. You then click on the View Details icon located on the far right under Action or you can click on the confirmation number to the left. This will display the details of the reservation request. At this point, you can click on the avatar of the guest who is requesting the reservation to find out more about this person. After reviewing the details, you can either accept or deny the reservation request.

How long do I have to accept or deny a reservation request?

You have 48 hours to either accept or deny the reservation. After 48 hours, the reservation request will expire.

How do I offer a promo price to a guest?

You can send a message to your guest and provide him/her with a promotional code. When the quest books a reservation, he/she can enter the code and receive the special price.

Reservation Request Is Confirmed

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How do I handle the exchange of keys?

You will contact the guest and work out arrangements with him/her on how to exchange keys.

How do I handle my cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee will be included in the reservation total and collected by Crash My Pad.

How do I collect my deposit?

If there is a deposit required, Crash My Pad will collect the deposit and once the guest checks-out 24 hours after, if the property/owner hasn't contacted us, we will refund the deposit back to the guest.

Handling Your Payment

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How much am I charged for your service?

The host fee is 3% which is used to pay for the transaction cost from the credit card company.

How do I get paid?

If you are in the United States, you can get paid by check, PayPal or ACH Direct Deposit. If you are interested in being paid by ACH direct deposit, we require up to 5 working days to verify your account. We recommend that you initiate your verification of ACH well in advance of the rental payment due from CrashMyPad. If you are in another country, we can pay with via PayPal or bank transfer.

When do I get paid?

After the guest checks in, 24 hours later, we will transfer the funds to you. If you've selected a cancellation policy of "minimal or intermediate", we will pay you once the guest checks out. If your guest arrival day falls on a Friday or weekend, your funds will be transferred on Monday and should be available on Tuesday. To select your method of payment, click on the Settings tab, click on the Payout Preference button, and then select the button to select either Check, PayPal or ACH direct deposit.

How can I change my method of payment?

To select your method of payment, click on the Settings tab, click on the Payout Preference button, and click on the button for either Check, PayPal or ACH direct deposit.

Will I need to pay taxes on my earnings?

Yes. The owner/host will fill out a form W-9 with CrashMyPad once revenue is over $600. A form 1099 will be provided at the end of the year. If outside the United States, the owner/host are responsible for reporting his/her earnings to the appropriate agencies.

Cancellation Policy

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What happens if a guest cancels his/her reservation?

The guest will be held to the terms of the cancellation policy. We will distribute a refund, based on the cancellation policy.

I am a host and I need to cancel a reservation?

If you need to cancel a reservation, you need to contact us immediately. Cancelling a guest reservation is something CrashMyPad takes very seriously. You will need to explain the reason for the cancellation. If this happens again, your pad may be removed from CrashMyPad.

Reviews and Recommendations

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How do I have a guest review my pad?

CrashMyPad will email an invitation to the guest to submit a review of his/her stay. Click on the link provided and then submit your review. Once the guest has submitted the review, it will be made available soon.

Can the owner/host review the guest as well?

Yes. The owner/host can go to My Start Page >> Owner/Host >> Historical Owner/Host Pad Rentals and select the pad that the guest stayed at. From here, there will be a link to review the guest.

What happens if I receive a negative review?

Negative reviews can happen. At CrashMyPad, reviews are very important and help to promote the experience of the guest/traveler(only members who have booked through CrashMyPad can give a review.) If you receive a negative review, consider what could have been done to make it a positive review and learn from your experience.