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Managing your Pads Rates

Crashmypad allows Pad owner/hosts to set their rates in a couple of different ways.

On the Edit-Property page you would select the Rates button. By default your Standard Rental Rates will be set to your daily rate, meaning your weekly and monthly will be the same as your daily rate. If you decide to have a weekly or monthly rate, just change the amount associated with it and click the save button on the right. Make sure you check on your property page that the correct rates are being displayed.

You can also set a Seasonal Rental Rate - just create your rate name, your daily rate for that period, a start date (this is a full month) and an end date (this is a full month). Once all the information is filled out, just click the save button to the right. If you decide to cancel a Seasonal Rental rate, just click the red cancel button to the far right. You can create as many Seasonal Rental rates as you like. This rate will be displayed on your property page.

You can also create a Special/Promotional Rate. From here you will enter a promo code name(can be alphanumeric), the daily rate, and the start date and the end date. After filling in all the information just click the save button on the right. You can have as many Special/Promotional Rates as you want and can be used to email to a potential guest for an agreed on price in advance. They can also be displayed on your "shout out" if you want to broadcast you message on your search results page or on a members Pads I'm Following page.