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How to Make a Reservation

On the property detail page you would first check the calendar to see if the dates you are interested in are available. If so, you would then click inside the Check-in and Check-out date boxes above the red RESERVE HERE! button and select the dates you are interested in. You would then select the number of guests and click the Reserve Here! button.

After you submit a reservation request you will go to the reservation review page where you can view the details of your request. If at this point you decide against requesting a reservation, you can leave this page and look for another pad to reserve. If everything looks okay, you will be asked to fill in your Credit Card information.

Once the reservation request has been made, the owner will have 48 hours to confirm or deny the request. You will be sent an email message within 48 hours to confirm this. If you wish to cancel your reservation request within 48 hours and the owner/host hasn't confirmed yet, you can do so in Guest Reservations >> My Reservations - Guest >> Reservations Pending Owner Approval link. Keep in mind that if you cancel before 48 hours and the owner/host hasn't confirmed yet, there is no CrashmyPad Fee and your pre-authorization is released.

Once the reservation has been confirmed by the owner, property address and contact information will be exchanged.