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CrashMyPad Safety Tips

Renting a vacation home is mostly an enjoyable experience with 99% of customers having a great time. At CrashMyPad we take Customer Service, Safety and Satisfaction very serious and offer these tips on how to make the most out of your CrashMyPad experience.


CrashMyPad allows members to message back and forth to get to know each other prior to booking a rental. If a guests profile is incomplete or their avatar hasn't been uploaded, ask the guest to complete their profile.

If after getting to know the guest, you feel uncomfortable renting to them, thats ok. At CrashMyPad, we want you to be comfortable with the guest and it's perfectly ok to deny a reservation request.

If after a reservation request is confirmed and contact numbers are exchanged, you feel uneasy about your guest. Once again feel free to contact us with your concerns. This is where you may want to get additional information about your guest, like employee verification, additional references etc. that helps you feel more comfortable.


If you have located that perfect place on CrashMyPad we suggest you ask as many questions as possible before you decide to reserve it. If there doesn't seem to be a lot of photos or the owners profile is incomplete, ask the owner to complete their profile and/or upload some additional photos. If the reviews are lacking, ask the owner to submit a review of previous guests who have stayed in the location.

Here are some questions you may want to ask the owner/host in advance

      1. Is there an emergency contact number?

      2. Do you have a property manual?

      3. How are the keys exchanged?

      4. If shared, who will be staying in the accommodation while I'm there?

      5. How is the neighborhood? Anything I should know about?

      6. Is there a deposit? How is that handled?

Safety Features of CrashMyPad

      1. Each and every property is checked by the CrashMyPad team to make sure all the details are correct before it's listed on crashmypad.com.

      2. We provide a visible phone number for you to call, should you have any problems.

      3. If a member has repeated complaints, we will remove them from our site.

      4. We are not a come one come all listing site. We want only quality properties with hosts who will embrace the "CrashMyPad Way".

      5. Customer service is our top priority, and we'll provide you the best possible service we can.

If you have any suggestions on additional safety features, please contact us at support@crashmypad.com.