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Thank You For Listing on CrashMyPad!

You've listed your Pad, now what?


Did you know that you can highly customize your listing on crashmypad.com?

You sure can! Please continue reading to learn more about:

  • Hiding / Showing your listing
  • Adding check-in / check-out times
  • Changing your cancellation policy
  • Adding your own "House Rules"
  • Updating your descriptions, details and amenities
  • Adding room-specific details
  • Managing your images (adding, rearranging)
  • Adding a video
  • Managing your reservation calendar
  • Creating a custom rate schedule
  • Adding special event pricing and promotions

Be sure to check out our "Help/FAQ" section for important details on:

  • Safety
  • Owner/Host - Property managers Information
  • Managing you Pads Rates
  • How to confirm a Reservation Request

Visit your "My Portfolio" page to edit your property. It will look something like this:

Your listings will be under:

  • "Owner/Host currently listed Pads"
    These are your currently active (visible) listings
  • "Owner/Host Pads not being displayed at this time"
    These are current listings that you have hidden
  • "Owner/Host Pads pending approval from CrashMyPad"
    These are your recently submitted Pads that have not been reviewed yet

To edit your listing, click on the pencil icon

Editing Your Property

Property listing management is broken down into seven groups:

  • General Settings
  • Descriptions
  • Details
  • Rooms
  • Multimedia
  • Calendar
  • Rates

General Settings

Shout Out: Add a note to your listing to help it stand out in search results
Visibility: Instantly hide or show your listing
General Information: Update basic details, such as beds/baths, check-in/out times and max occupancy
Cancellation Policy: Set your cancellation policy
House Policies, Rules and Considerations: Tell your guests any special "rules" for staying at your place.


Property Title: Title for your listing
About This Property: A detailed description about your listing


Property Style: Select one or more choices to describe your property
Destination and Lifestyle: Select one or more choices to define your property
Amenities and Features: Select one or more choices to list unique features about your property


Room Details: Add room-specific details for any room in your place


Images: Rearrange your images and select which one to use as your thumbnail
Upload: Add new images anytime (subject to review)
Video: Add a link to a YouTube video of your listing


Enable/Disable: Choose whether you want to display a calendar to other members
Blackout Dates: Manage availability of your listing with blackout dates
12-Month View: View your availability in an easy-to-read 12-month view


Standard Rates: Standard rates for daily, weekly and monthly stays
Add'l Charges: Set minimum nights and extra charges for additional guests
Seasonal/Event Rates: Create special rates for low and high peak seasons or special events
Special/Promotional Rates: Create promotional rates for sales, incentives or private rates
Fees: Specify extra fees, such as cleaning and security deposits