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  August 12, 2012
I cannot emphasize enough just how true the owner's comment were that the unit is much bigger than it looks in the pictures. We expected minimal 2-bedroom accommodation and instead found a well-furnished, decent-sized house. Things that were potential downers: the property is very much a work in progress. If you're expecting an agro-tourism resort, well, this is not what you'll get. There are chickens, soft-fruit trees, vegetables, and some B&B amenities such as a spa. The driveway is gravel and you need to follow standard farmer's gate protocol: if it's open, leave it open, if it's shut, then shut it after you. And some parts of the property are still being worked on, though the work is not disruptive. I enjoyed the crowing of nearby roosters and the cries of peacocks. That might not be to everyone's liking. There were fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables in the fridge when we arrived. The owner is on the premises and is quite friendly and accommodating (We found that we had a lot in common). The books on the shelves are actually ones that I wanted to read, not some random selection of cast-offs or airport novels. In my opinion, this was unexpectedly good Marin accommodation for the price, and we would not hesitate to stay here again when the opportunity arises.

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