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How to Create a Special Promotional Rate

When you receive an email inquiry from a guest you have the option to create a Special/Promotional Rate. In this case the member is requesting a 22 day stay and has asked for a discount. If you do not wish to offer a discount, you can just reply back and not click the Special/Promotional Rate button.

If you decide to offer a discount, you would then click the green Create A Special/Promotional Rate button.

When you click the button, you will see the screen above. What you need to do is enter a total amount for the 22 days the guest is requesting. The total right now is $8,800 excluding the deposit and cleaning fees (if applicable). Once you enter a total amount say $6500 you would then click the blue Calculate button.

You will now see a daily rate of $295.45 with a total for the 22 days of $6500. If you want to change the total amount just go ahead and reenter a total and click calculate. If you then click the green Create This Rate button, the special rate will be created. If you select cancel the rate will not be created and you will exit the screen.

If you clicked the green Create this Rate button, your Special/Promotional rate has now been created! (Note: there is also a promo code name created). So you now have two options.

If you select cancel, the Special/Promotional rate has still been created but you will have to email the guest manually and include the promo code name in the email. You can also view the details of this code on the edit property page under rates.

If you clicked the green Send Reply Now button we have sent an email to the guest with the rate information and a clickable link (You can also view the email that was just sent in your sent folder to verify). Here is what the email message will look like.

If the guest clicks on the link provided in the email, they will be taken to the reservation review page and all they will need to do is fill in their personal information and credit card number. Here's what the screen will look like below.

The Special/Promotional Rate will also be created on the edit property page under rates. You can edit or delete if you wish.